George Garland, President

Dr. George Garland is currently President of the Board of the Southern New York Division of the United Nations Geoge GarlandAssociation-USA. He is a board member of HEART in Haiti.

Dr. Garland’s career with US-EPA spanned 34 years, culminating in a Distinguished Career Award. From 1988 to 1992, he was Chief Technical Advisor for Toxic Chemicals and Pollutants for the UN-WHO Regional Office for South East Asia and worked in India, Indonesia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. He has done consultations with the World Bank and USAID in the Russian Federation to establish a national hazardous waste management system and specifically in Nizhni Tagil to improve the water supply system.

Over the last ten years Dr. Garland has held several positions in NGOs. He has been Director of the World Energy Forum, Executive Director for National Membership at the United Nations Association of the USA, and Executive Director of the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area.

His many publications include articles in Biocycle magazine on organics management (compost).

Recent volunteer activities include supporting NGOs designing improved cook stoves and sustainable fuel using biogas, ethanol, and coconut husks in Haiti. His numerous speaking engagements have recently been concentrated on UN Sustainable Development Goals and climate change policy. His many teaching assignments include “The Energy Puzzle” for Collegium at Westchester Community College and international affairs at EF International in Tarrytown.

by heartschool