Mme Rodine Baptiste – Preschool Teacher Assistant

Rodine is a preschool teacher at HEART in Haiti School. She has been with the School since 2010 and uses her teaching skills beyond the classroom.

“Dr. E’s workshop (see post under Community Projects) is going very well, I love the topics and I love giving back to the community and sharing with others who don’t have what I have. Did you know that I was inspired by his workshop last year, and I’ve begun to hold literacy classes at my house? After school, I invite older people from the community, who can’t read or write, to come to my house and I teach them to write their names and read and write. I teach them like our preschoolers, with patience, and showing them vertical lines, horizontal lines, and shapes to begin to write the alphabet. Some of them cry and get discouraged, but I encourage them to keep trying and not to give up on writing their name and learning to read.”

by heartschool