Mother of Student Taiina

Taiina's mother and familyHEART board members Corinne Warren and Carina Blon interviewed 4 community members from the HEART School during the board of director’s March 2016 trip to Haiti. Corinne’s idea was to model the interviews after the ” Humans of New York” blog. They have recorded the direct statements so HEART supporters and community can learn firsthand the viewpoints of community members, and this is the second post in the series. Taiina is a student in our school and here is a statement from her mother, Benita:

“I am now selling cold drinks in the town market in front of the clinic. But there are so many other people selling things at the market that sometimes it is hard to compete. In the business, I’m never investing, it’s always taking money out for family needs. My partner works as a mason, but since the price of cement has gone up, he hasn’t found any work. When my business is okay, I can manage to buy some extra food for my family, get treated at the hospital, or buy something nice. But other times it is very hard and we just barely make it by. I can never manage to save any money for those times. I am going to stop having kids, I can’t afford to support any more.”