School Team

“Men anpil, chay pa lou”
“Many hands, the load is not heavy”     – Haitian Proverb


Patricia Richilieu

Patricia Richilieu Kindergarten Teacher

Patricia began teaching with Ecole Mixte  de Sibert in the summer of 2011.  She currently teaches our kindergarten class and serves as the head teacher for our team.  Patricia lives with her husband and their daughter in the village of Sibert. Patricia studied teaching for young children for over three years, and held many substitute positions before coming to work at the school.



Louna Jean Baptiste

Louna Jean Baptiste Second Grade Teacher

Louna has been with the school since September 2012 teaches the second grade class.  She is especially enthusiastic about hygiene lessons in the school, and is truly a talented teacher.  She says she loves her classroom, and we are happy to have her on the team.

Marie Ginette Serome

Marie Ginette Serome First Grade Teacher

Marie Ginette is a wonderful addition to the school team, teaching first grade.  She is an excellent public speaker and has shared many songs for gym exercises and team building activities for all of the classes to do together.





Marie Magdala Jean Baptitiste, Teacher

Magdala believes that all students can learn and encourages her class to work collaboratively and towards common goals.  Magdala is great at organizing and takes care of the teacher supply closet.




Estania Pierre Charles

Estania Pierre Charles Aide

Estania has two children of her own, and says she sees the students at Ecole Mixte de Sibert as her own too.  She is the bathroom, cafeteria, and hall aide, helping students get to where they need to go, and encouraging hygiene and good hand washing throughout the day.   Estania has been working with Ecole Mixte de Sibert since its opening.


Jesula Louis

Jesula Louis School Aide

Jesula, mother of student Annie, helps out in the kitchen and also mops, sweeps and cleans all the classrooms and offices at the end of the school day. She is essential to keeping the school well taken care of, and we are very happy to have her on  staff.

Rosita LaBrousse3

Rosita LaBrouss School Cook

Our crew first met Rosita when the School was under construction. She and her family lived across the street, and although they had a meager income, would always share coffee, water, or a bit of rice and beans from her family’s meals with the crew. As we added staff, we could not think of a more generous, kind, hardworking, positive, and resourceful person, to cook for the school.

Rodine Lamartiniere

Rodine Lamartiniere Preschool Aide

Rodine has been working with Ecole Mixte de Sibert since its opening, and has held many different positions. Currently, she is the aide for the preschool class and works to take care of the little ones making sure they are always singing and laughing.